Success Stories

Liz and Daryl Berkompas

  My wife was hospitalized for four months in 2016 as the result of two (2) aneurysms that burst.  At the time of the incident, we were told that the outcome could be anything from complete recovery to death.  As the weeks wore on the likelihood of recovery looked hopeful.  She was admitted into three (3) different facilities before arriving at the final leg of her journey at TIRR The Woodlands.  She received Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy for approximately 6 weeks and was released for Outpatient therapy in December 2016.  We decided to take a break from all the therapy but were happy with the progress she was making.  Shortly thereafter we decided that we would discontinue the therapy sessions.  Instead Liz wanted to start going back to Embody Fitness Center.  That was one of the best decisions we made for her recovery. Shortly after going to Embody Liz decided that she wanted to sign up for Kinesis.  The routine is five (5) different types of exercise utilizing balance, strength, endurance and cognitive function.  The classes are taught by two amazing instructors (Katie Stowers and Lauri Pradel).  I was excited just for the fact that she was wanting to get out and exercise.  About a month or so after partaking in the kinesis classes I noticed a difference in both her cognitive skills and range of motion.  We attend tennis classes twice/week and I noticed that her range was starting to broaden along with her balance.  In addition, I noticed a difference in her responses when we conversed.  There was more thought behind her conversation.  I wondered what the difference was and then it hit me---KINESIS.  The Kinesis classes were impacting her in an unbelievable way.  I discussed this with Lauri and she confirmed that she saw the same AMAZING thing.  I am so very thankful and blessed that Embody has provided Kinesis classes and HIGHLY recommend this to any individual needing recovery therapy. Many thanks to Embody, Katie and Lauri for pushing Liz to a recovery that would not have been possible without Kinesis!!!

Lily Garcia

It is with great pleasure to write this recommendation letter for an amazing trainer. Let me start by saying that I finally found something new, fun and that I'm actually seeing results quickly. The Booty Barre class at Embody Fitness Center has everything that I enjoy in one class yoga, pilates and ballet, it has become my all time favorite. I started seeing change in my body 4 weeks into it. I started having better posture, strength in my body and ability to do things I hadn't been able to do before like my endurance in my workouts and staying focus.I have lose a total of 6 inches off my body measurements that include only chest, waist and hip. I always told myself the moment my clothes start falling off or I see it fitting loose then that's when I will know that I'm doing the right thing. I love that my body is being reshaped and not just loosing weight and looking skinny but instead toner and fit in the right places. I have come to the conclusion that it's just not the class but my success would not be possible if it wasn't for my trainer Anoushka Miranda. She's what makes this all possible for me in my quick progress to meet and exceed my fitness goals. She doesn't just instruct the class and hope you get it but she takes the time to go up to you as you are working out and makes sure you are in the right position, that you are pushing yourself further every time and most importantly that you do not give up. Everyone in the class are in different levels in their strength, abilities, just starting or have been there for a while and somehow Anoushka is able to assist and train each one where they are at. She's the miracle worker trainer is what I tell myself. You will never be bored in her class, she makes it fun every time. I'm so looking forward to my monthly progress and I'm sure that by this summer I will definitely meet my personal goal that I have been trying to meet for way too long. I'm so grateful that Anoushka is my trainer and I know that every improvement in her class will help me make a permanent life change for better health and a better body shape. Just so you know I think I'm growing a little bit taller and for a short girl like myself it's a bonus!

Anne Wright

Being a member of Embody has dramatically improved my exercise consistency. The Embody community is supportive in a way that I never experienced at other fitness centers. When I miss a day or two, my Embody friends reach out to check on me and encourage me back to my workout plan. Anyone who wants to get into a consistent exercise routine should try to Embody. It's the "Cheers" of fitness centers - you want to go where everybody knows your name.

Volker & Martina Rathmann

If you just moved to Kingwood and miss your friendly neighborhood gym from where you used to live, then Embody is your place. To our family it is practically just another room in our home. That’s what it felt like from the beginning when we moved here: the equipment is clean, always in good order, and laid out in such a way that it does not overwhelm. The group classes are the best! We had a lot of fun trying out various classes and getting to know the different styles of the teachers. The only problem is that you have to make choices! But no worries, you might try different things and fit in what works for you, your schedule, and your life style. And you can switch it around, which is what we learned you should do anyway to surprise your body once in a while. Katie and all the teachers are always there to help and coach you. Embody is a community to us and ranks high on our list of things in Kingwood that really matter and you don’t want to live without!

Denise Slavych

I have known the instructors and most of the personal trainers for 18 years.  When Kingwood Athletic Club closed 7 years ago, Embody became our new home.  You could not ask for better people - both the employees and the members.  I drive 30 minutes to get there, that's how wonderful they are!

Marsha Alspaugh

"Embody Fitness Center has been a great experience for me. Having never exercised regularly before, I was not sure how to begin. I took advantage of the three personal training sessions when I joined. This proved to be the key for me. Expert instruction and much encouragement got me started. I have continued these sessions. My trainer personalizes my sessions according to my level of ability and pushes me to do more than I ever thought I could. My progress has been slow and steady. I am so pleased with the results. I have lost over 10 pounds and even gone down a size in my clothing. I enthusiastically recommend joining Embody Fitness Center to anyone!"

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