Pilates Reformer Program

Embody offers programs to encourage our members to stretch their fitness goals! These programs consist of sessions with a certified instructor or personal trainer and can be individual private sessions or group sessions depending on the program. Please see the Front Desk attendant, an instructor or a member of management for more information about session schedules and pricing!

Joseph Pilates (1880-1967) created the series of more than 500 exercises known today as Pilates. His ingenious method of exercise is performed both on specialized equipment, which he also designed, and on floor mats. The unique spring resistance of Pilates equipment provides traction for the joints while improving alignment through each exercise. Participating in a Pilates program balances the strength of the muscles supporting the skeletal system, and thus creates a more anatomically efficient body. “In 10 sessions, you’ll feel different. In 20 sessions, you’ll look different. In 30 sessions, you’ll have a totally new body.” – Joseph Pilates

Benefits of the Pilates Reformer:

  • Gentle, effective, and is accessible to people of all fitness levels and all ages.
  • Coordinates the mind, the breath, and the entire body to stimulate a sense of wholeness and to generate physical as well as mental well-being
  • Fast and effective way to build a body with uniform muscular development, core strength, and flexibility

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